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Our church buildings are on North Ennis Street, but it is the people within them - people just like you - who truly make up the church.  Together we are seeking to experience the love of God and to share it with others.  We hope that you will walk with us in this journey of faith. Whether you are a first time guest or have already visited our church, we are thrilled you have chosen to explore FVPC ... Welcome!   Fuquay Varina Presbyterian Church is a warm and welcoming, Christ-centered congregation committed to bringing hope to the area and a faith that transforms people just like you.Whether you are seeking answers to spiritual questions or desiring a purposeful life with Jesus Christ, our prayer is that you will discover a living faith her in a community of friends.

FVPC Resurrection Project

Tap into your Inner Artist!  Create a piece of art that reflects your concept of "Resurrection".  An exhibit will be held on Palm Sunday in Ransdell Hall showcasing everyone's creations.  Think: New Life!  Deadline for concept submission is March 4th.

In the Gospel of John, Jesus said, "I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me will live even if he or she dies." With Christ’s dying on the cross and rising to life again on Easter Sunday, the concept of the dead rising and living again was introduced into the reality of all human life. We affirm that the life Jesus was raised into is available to anyone who puts their faith in the Living God.

On a smaller scale, the idea of resurrection can be represented in anything that has died or is in a state of disuse or decay being brought back to new life. For example, a building that used to be a factory has fallen into disrepair is being refurbished as an art museum. Or an abandoned church building is being resurrected into a school or a hospital clinic for those with financial insecurity.

What does "resurrection" mean to you? That is the question I am asking all who are interested in creatively expressing their understanding of resurrection. It is my hope that in these weeks from now until Easter Sunday, you or your Sunday school classes or book groups will seriously consider the concept of "Resurrection" and, using your ingenuity, imagination and vision, create a work of art for display on Easter Sunday. On that Sunday we will hold an exhibit in Ransdell Hall where each wonderful creation will be showcased.

Please consider making an entry for the FVPC Resurrection Project!


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