A Note from the Director of Youth & Families

May 2022

Grant Hartsell

Psalm 19:1-The heavens are telling the glory of God; and the firmament proclaims his handiwork. (NRSV)
The Bible says that everything in nature, no matter how big, small, or even slimy, can teach us something about God. That’s because he made everything with a purpose, and he made a plan for all things. Squirrels bury nuts for food, but they are also helping to plant new trees. Many plants that were seen as “weeds” can be made into medicine. Even worms help our gardens grow more plants. So, if God has a plan for something as simple as a weed, what kind of plans do you think he has for you? You were made special by God, and his love for you is even greater than his love for the rest of his creation.  Take time today to find something new in nature from your own backyard or the street where you live. Think about the colors, shapes, and sizes that God used to make his creation. Then, thank God for making everything special, especially you!