Prayer Concerns

Ashley Bass; Doris Berni; Family & friends of Al Berni; Susan Bower; Martha Budney’s daughter; Phil Butcher; Emily Currin; Family & friends of Don Davis, brother of Johnson Davis; Michelle Davis; Valbona Demo; Scott Diebler; Carson Elia and family; Alexander Fox; Teresa Gardner’s sister, Nancy; Teresa Hamby; Lila Hopkins; Template Hughes; Carol Kercheval; Leslie Garcia and Raphael Squeri; Al Mabery; Bobby McCaskill; Bobby McCaskill’s Great-Aunt Ruth; John & Faye McDonnell; David McGirt; Dick McNeil’s family members; Tom Merrill; Kevin Monroe; Tony Novak, family and sister Emily; Julie Peterson’s cousin; Tom Patton’s cousin, Roger; Don Roth; Will Senter; Betty Sluss; Nancy Smith and her mother, Jane Fithian; Charlotte Specht; Kathy Tilley; Anna Ruzicka’s brother, Miro Vircik; Bonnie Wade; Family & friends of Dick Wade; Cameron Wall; Mike Wall; Mary & Hank Dziepak, their daughter, Jenny Walters, and son-in-law, Michael Walters; Dabney Weems; Rick Will’s nephew; Bonnie Wade’s daughter, Robin; Family & Friends of Bob Worley; Those serving in the military:  Corey Godwin; Jeremy Hayes; Stephan Valentine; Ben Spear.

For any additions or deletions, please call the church office at 919-552-4214.